Nya Nordiska Design Team

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Nya Nordiska Design Team
The Design Team at Nya Nordiska consists of three women who perfectly complement one another:
- Diete Hansl-Röntgen, Nya Nordiska president
- Sybilla Hansl, Nya Nordiska vice president
- Alice Pieper, head designer at Nya Nordiska

Diete Hansl-Röntgen In 1974, textile businesswoman Diete Hansl took over the company Nya Nordiska. Together with her husband, founder Heinz Röntgen, she expanded Nya Nordiska to an international textile editeur during the following years. Having worked most closely with Röntgen, she developed the unmistakable signature of the Nya Nordiska collection for more than 30 years, always bearing in mind the maxim: Clarity of form and highest quality standards. Since the death of Heinz Röntgen in 2003, she continues the design philosophy of her husband.
She is responsible for the set-up and statement of the entire Nya Nordiska collection and the co-ordination of the collection lines “Pure Perfection“,
“Creative Concept“ and “Luxury Life”.

Sybilla Hansl. After careers in the haute couture studio “Carven“ at Paris and studio “Knoop“, Hannover, she studied textile technique in Mönchengladbach and then returned to the family company. Since 1992, she is responsible for the
technical realisation and finish of the Nya Nordiska designs, as well as for the cooperation with the production plants, the controlling of material characteristics, the care thereof and the final quality control.

Alice Pieper studied textile design at the university of applied science Hannover. After her diploma, the designer started her career in the furnishing house
“Loeser”, Hannover. Further positions at Vorwerk Textiles in Hannover and Wuppertal, WK in Stuttgart, Taunus Textile print Oberursel/Frankfurt and
Sahco Hesslein, Nürnberg, followed. Since 2004, Alice Pieper heads the product development at Nya Nordiska. Her main responsibilities are the creative design, the co-operation with freelancers, as well as the colour development of the Nya Nordiska collection.

The Nya Nordiska design team:
“The aesthetics of the apparent simplicity of nature enthuses us. Clarity through understatement is the guiding principle of all Nya Nordiska collections.
Understatement goes to the heart of things, to the core. An eye for the fundamental defines our actions - in design as in life.”