Øivind Slaatto

Slaatto Design

Birkedommervej 33,3
2400 Copenhagen

T: +45 25348832

Products by Øivind Slaatto

Øivind was born in 1978 and graduated from the Danish Design School in 2007. Today, he runs his Studio Slaatto in Copenhagen. He has undertaken a wide range of items, including beautiful lighting, abiding speakers and interior objects. This broad range of products reflects his ability to apply his creativity and intuition to finding timeless solutions to complex problems while staying appealing. He finds inspiration mainly in nature and mathematical principles.

The intention to convey a simple, obvious, yet poetic expression can be observed throughout Øivind’s entire portfolio. He believes that light, form and function should work together in order to furnish a beautiful light experience that can create a better living. A great example is this brilliant union between high tech solutions and exquisite design embodied in the Shade Pendant ØS1.