Olivier Gence


A versatile designer at home in any field, he is a science and industrial design graduate from the ENSAAMA design school, and holds a Masters in Design Strategies earned in partnership with the prestigious French luxury brands of the Comité Colbert. He now wields his creative talent for Sismo, a Paris-based innovation and design experience agency. His design work is characterised by its surprising, pragmatic, and empathetic aspects, and its focus on what really matters. He is equally comfortable working on industrial projects and publishing design, from furniture to high-tech, not to mention as a design consultant for companies with a thirst for innovation.

La Môme owes its name and shape to the traditional, iconic popular perception created by the Bistro collection. The colours and lines may well be a nod to Piaf, but it also incorporates ergonomic design for the comfort of its users with their individual postures, shaped to the seat. It is also designed to be light and easy to move.