Oriol Guimerà


Mònec, 23
08003 Barcelona

T: +34 (0)93 31 998 56
F: +34 (0)93 31 983 87


Born in Barcelona 39 years ago, Oriol Guimerà has a successful career as a designer under his belt. Since graduating in Industrial design at the Elisava School of design, he has continued to train in this field. He has worked for companies in both Spain a

nd Italy, and founded his own studio in 1998, specialising in product design and supplying design trend consultancy services.

His work has won awards on several occasions, including the Delta ADIFAD selection in 2001. Some of his designs have also

been displayed in exhibitions staged both at home and abroad: Universal Exhibition 2005, in Aichí (Japan); and the Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art in Paris (France).

Among the brands he has worked for are important names such as Simón S.A.,

Santa & Cole, Ediciones de Diseño, Taller Uno, IEP Iluminación, Grupo Mago, Miscel.lània de Mercè Bohigas, Bacardi España, Nani Marquina, Kettal, Fugar and Estiluz.

The Guimeràicinca study was formed in 2004 by Oriol Guirnerà (Barcelona 1972) and

Joan Cinca (Barcelona 1974). Oriol, a product designer and Joan, who started his career in the automobile and design world. They started a close collaboration which has allowed them to work for companies such as Estiluz, Santa&Cole, Grupo Kettal, Sirnon

Lighting, Mago Urban, Cata, Fugar, Sunred, Arlex and Rafemar.