Peter Mogensen


In the 1970s, Peter Mogensen was a professional musician and played drums in some of Denmark’s most famous progressive rock bands. But just like his father, Børge Mogensen, Peter Mogensen is a trained furniture designer and for the past ma

ny years his full-time occupation has been to carry on his father’s design studio in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen. Børge Mogensen’s estate is a cultural legacy that must be protected for future generations to come. This is why P

eter Mogensen, in collaboration with the Industrial Art Museum in Copenhagen, has spent years scanning his father’s many thousands of drawings and making them available in digital form. At the same time, the studio is a vibrant company that must be

maintained. Børge Mogensen’s furniture is still among the most sought-after in the world and the design has to be continually updated so that it is in step with new methods of production as well as modern-day demands. Peter Mogensen is respo

nsible for this task and he has also completed the furniture collections that his father did not manage to finish prior to his untimely death in 1972.