Raul Barbieri

Raul Barbieri Design

14 via Pietro Custodi
20136 Milano

T: +39 02 89401181
F: +39 0289410226


Born 1946 in Milan. He graduated in architecture at Milan Politecnico and started his activity first as associate in a studio and since 1989 as freelance.

He founded his own design office and his main concerns are design, corporate identity and architecture.

He has cooperated with various design schools and taught design at Paris “Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, LES ATELIERS” and at Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan.
His work has been exhibited in several museums and exhibitions. He is the coordinator of the project department at ADI, Industrial Design Association.

Awards Design Museum, Conran Foundation, LONDON Compasso d’ Oro ADI , MILANO selezione 1989 Compasso d’ Oro ADI , MILANO selezione 1991 Compasso d’ Oro ADI , MILANO selezione 1995 Compasso d’ Oro ADI , MILANO selezione 1998 ADI Design Index, MILANO 1998/99 Lampe d’Or, PARIS Design Plus , FRANKFURT selezione 1988 Design Plus , FRANKFURT selezione 1989 Design Plus , FRANKFURT selezione 1992 Design Plus , FRANKFURT selezione 1993 Industrie Forum design, HANNOVER 1992 Form 90, FRANKFURT 1990 Form 93, FRANKFURT 1993 Form 94, FRANKFURT 1994 Form 95, FRANKFURT 1995 Neste Forma Finlandia, ESPOO HELSINKI 1993 SMAU industrial design, MILANO 1981 SMAU industrial design, MILANO 1984 Good Design, CHICAGO 1999.