Roel-Jan Singa

P.O.BOX 10045
1001 EA Amsterdam


In 2001 I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Where I enjoyed important lessons from many teachers, including memorable lessons from Liesbeth in het Hout and Lidewij Edelkoort, the later director of the famous and fertile academy. There were o

ther important voices, like teachers Marco, Joop & Frans. I also enjoyed working and partying with fellow students, like Roel Huisman, Alrik, David and Jeppe.
In the following years I wrote down some personal philosophies, a personal 'manual' for life

. And I made a living, designing websites, making graphics, and doing visualisation and illustration, for people that gave me a chance like Ries Kock! In these years, I gradually lost touch completely, with the world of interior/product design. This start

ed to turn when I worked with and for Osiris Hertman. My best contribution there was fun-to-do-photography for Batul.
Later, via old friend William, I somehow ended up, doing some webdesign-work for Moooi, and after that some work for a 'cool warm desi

gn studio' in Amsterdam. These two companies and all the people there in, re-inspired me, to pick up interior and product design. 'Hope it works out, may it bring good moments and meaningful encounters !'