Rune Krøjgaard




His works are especially characterized by his high understanding for material and its properties. These are impressively reflected in a very unique, organic and pure use of shapes. A deep fascination for both individual and pure lines, combined with a fil

igree flair for current trends, shapes the hallmark of his designs. Often, he seeks constructive solutions from heavy industry and adapts them onto relevant products. For Rune design is all about being able to 'see new possibilities' and finding 'the simp

licity through the shape and dimension' of a body. Thus his objects are menat to 'complement the eye and the body' and create a 'relation between shape and space'. In this context his Nordic roots and his ties to the classic Scandinavian design are destin

ct. Influenced by numerous visits to South-East Asia and an accompanying interest in the local, traditional culture of cabinetry, he combines streams of both style elements in an aesthetic form. Rune graduated in studies of Design and Industrial Form at t

he 'Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts'. His works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions in the Nordic and Baltic region. Since 2007 he has been collaborating closely with the Norwegian designer Knut Bendik Humlevik. Together they design products tha

t are characterized by 'being functional and pure with a sense of normality'. In their words, 'simplicity, aesthetics and comfort' are the key elements of their creations.