Runtal Design Studio


Runtal has been combining engineering expertise with architectural flair since 1953. The tradition of technical innovation and functional design is actively nurtured and developed by the Runtal Design Studio (RDS).

RDS holds in trust the creative h

eritage of the company's founders, Egon Runte and Jörg Altherr, defines the modern language of form of the Runtal brand, and is responsible for all design developments. It also collaborates with renowned international designers, commissioning feasibility

studies and designs for new heating products. In addition, it examines technical and design proposals to evaluate their practicality, market potential and suitability for the brand.

By making responsible use of energy and water and developing new

materials and finishes, Runtal creates practical and forward-looking solutions and expresses the functional language of form of its innovative designer radiators.

This creative process produces simple, refined and efficient designs that employ the

very best craftsmanship and materials. Swiss design, which first came to international prominence in the 1950s, is currently experiencing a renaissance, and is rightly considered a classic tradition.