Sami Hayek

Sami Hayek Studio

692 A Moulton Ave
CA 90031 Los Angeles
United States

Products by Sami Hayek

Sami Hayek desires to create simple, elegant, functional works of design. For Hayek, it is more important to design an experience than a look or style– how an individual interacts with a design of his creation. His work is heavily influenced by the rich colors, flavours, and sumptuous textures of his native Mexico. Hayek is strongly committed to the design world at large. Beyond his studio, Hayek has held various prestigious positions in the design world, as a teacher, critic and lecturer on international design. Hayek has designed high-end residential and commercial interiors in Los Angeles, Mexico and Turkey. As well as residential and commercial buildings in Mexico and the US. A particularly noteworthy is "Espacio 5" where he took the challenge to provide much better designed house for the same affordable price for middle income buyers in Mexico, for which he also designed and developed custom materials. As a part of Target’s "Design for All" series – Hayek will be the next high-profile designer to do a line for the US brand Target (debuting May 2008). Created a concept of a private jet for renowned luxury carmaker Bentley Concepts & environmental displays for Louis Vuitton, HBO, and Procter & Gamble, among others. A line of limited edition works of furniture inspired by quantum physics, exploring the morphing of a line to express itself as different functions. Exhibitions: Hayek has exhibited Occupational Lines in art galleries in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, including exhibitions during Art Basel Miami Beach. Publications: Hayek's work has been widely published in international publications of note including The New York Times, ID, Esquire, Surface, Clear, 34, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, and Art Review, among others.