Sami Kallio

Cederbourgsgatan 6
412 55 Gothenburg

T: +46(0)708958562

Products by Sami Kallio

Born in Finland, but based in Gothenburg,Sweden, Sami is a furniture designer andan interior architect. Sami’s work is deeplyrooted in the Scandinavian tradition and hisdesigns have a strong craft signature. Sami’sdesigns are characterised by clean lines,pure forms and unblemished surfaces,and typically combine the natural with themanmade. Sami has an instinctive feelingfor handling a wide range of naturalmaterials, but his talent for working withwood sets him apart from other craftsmen.The stackable seat he designed for Northerndemonstrates a mastery over materials,carpentry techniques, function and form.There is an element of emotionalintelligence in Sami’s work that imbueshis designs with feeling. Sami’s furnitureresonates with the contentment andreassurance that only natural materialscan convey.