Sebastian Amelung

Aust & Amelung

Kohlenstrasse 20
34121 Kassel

T: +49(0)56131741035
F: 49(0)1731049125

Products by Sebastian Amelung

Sebastian Amelung, studied at the School of Art and Design, Kassel where he focused on furniture design and exhibition architecture. Since 2011 he designs and develops products together with Miriam Aust in their studio, Aust & Amelung, in Kassel, Germany.

His development process is based on construction and research. As a starting point for many of his projects it is important for him not only to get to know the properties of a certain material but also to question its conventional use. For his diploma he analyzed concrete and researched new production methods for this material. His goal was to develop novel ways that would give the otherwise raw synthetic stone a fresh face. The project 'like paper' is very much based on his experiments of combining concrete and rotational molding.