Sebastian Menschhorn

Siebensterngasse 19
1070 Wien

T: +43 (0)664 415 78 02

Products by Sebastian Menschhorn

With a profound knowledge of the history of art and culture, Sebastian Menschhorn translates style, form and function into contemporary product and graphic design: the results are modern yet timeless designs, both rooted in the past and at the same time t

ellingly new.

The emphasis is not on the development of a personal signature style, rather to capture the particular essence of the theme, the individual task, which targeted, analysed and formed is brought precisely to the point.

an Menschhorn easily manages to cross the path from 2- into 3- dimensional design.

This natural ability in both disciplines is clearly visible in each area; so graphic designs take on 3 dimensional form and products obtain their unmistakable l

ook through the application of 2-dimensional design.