Soren Schou

Soren Schou Design

401-1970 W. 41st Avenue
Vancouver BC, V6M 1Y4

T: +1.778.839.4960

Products by Soren Schou

A natural curiosity feeds an eagerness to invent and develop products with flair and ingenuity. Ideas and products spring from personal needs, and often from questioning existing products' inadequate functionality. Staying away from quantity, trends a

nd fashions, Sören's style is that of Scandinavian functionality, quality, sensibility and longevity. Sören believes that products should enhance life, making it more comfortable, exciting and enriching. Sören grew up in a creative home environment sur

rounded by design and design classics. This upbringing led him to a combined degree in Architecture and Industrial Design in 1988 from the School of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Upon arrival in Vancouver, Canada in 1993, he

joined the BC Industrial Designers Association (BCID) and started at Designlines Canada (now merged with Busby Perkins+Will Architects), where he remains the industrial design leader. With the desire to challenge different niche markets, he launched s

oren schou design in 2004. As a volunteer with The Multiple Sclerosis Society of British Columbia, Sören spends considerable time assisting in fund-raising events every year. This involvement is part of his commitment as a designer to providing produ

cts that make daily life better for everybody – aesthetically and functionally.