Stefan Bench

B-LINE s.r.l.

Via Galileo Galilei, 13/B
35030 Sarmeola di Rubano Padova

T: +39 049.897.8245
F: +39 049.633.499


Stefan Bench, formerly part of the English duo inthe-Detail (ref. Spun by B-LINE). Stefan was born in England in 1978; he graduated in contemporary furnishing and product design at the Buckinghamshire University in 2000.
Until 2007 he worked as designer in the studios of several architects, interior designers and furniture manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Since he became a freelance designer, he has undertaken a vast range of projects that span from designing for interiors and for exhibitions, as well as for mass-produced furniture, standard production and designs on order. In Stefan's projects, purity of shape and attention to detail are of the greatest importance, however, never to the detriment of functionality or in the mere search for style per se.