Stefan Sielaff



Stefan Sielaff was born on January 7, 1962 in Munich.

After passing the higher school-leaving examination in Munich, he studied industrial design until 1988 at the University of Applied Sciences in the same city and was awarded his diploma as a

qualified designer. In 1990 he obtained his Master’s degree in vehicle design at the Royal College of Art in London, on a scholarship from AUDI AG.

In the same year, Sielaff began his professional career at AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, in the In

terior Design area, among his projects being the Audi quattro Spyder sports car study.

Stefan Sielaff moved in 1993 to the Audi Design Centre in Munich, where he worked as an interior designer for Audi and VW. In 1995 he was asked to plan and s

upervise the development of the Design Center Europe in Sitges (Spain), where he was responsible for VW, Audi and SEAT brand projects.

Sielaff returned to Germany at the beginning of 1997 and was for a short time in charge of the Audi Design Ce

ntre in Munich, during which time the Al2 and Al2 open show cars and the interiors of the Audi A2 and Audi A4 production models were designed.

Midway through 1997 he returned to Ingolstadt to take up an appointment as Head of Interior Design at

Audi. In this function he was responsible for establishing the current interior formal idiom for the Audi A4 model line, the Audi A8 and the Audi A6. He also supervised the creation of the Audi Rosemeyer show car in 2000.

When the Audi brand g

roup was formed in 2002, Sielaff worked on design formulation and strategic alignment.

In 2003 he moved to DaimlerChrysler AG in Sindelfingen as Design Director of the Interior Competence Center there, and was in due course responsible for the

interior design of all the company’s current model lines.

Since the middle of 2006, Sielaff has continued his career as chief designer for the Audi brand. In this function he reports to Walter de’Silva, who is responsible for desig

n in the entire Audi brand group including SEAT, and also for Lamborghini.