Stefano Spanio

Cosentino Spanio



Nicola Cosentino (born 1979) and Stefano Spanio (born 1978) first met on Friday, 13 March 1988 in Berne, Switzerland. Eight years later, after graduating as industrial designers from ECAL, the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, they set up thei

r own company, CosentinoSpanio, in Berne. They find that by collaborating closely throughout the design process they can make full use of their individual strengths. Proof of the success of this way of working has come in the form of several prizes for

their designs at exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy and England. CosentinoSpanio's designs for their concave Asso stool and the convex Grosso, both with integral tables, were presented by Karl Andersson & Söner at the 2012 Stockholm Furniture Fair.