Studio Dreimann

Eleonorenstr. 21
30449 Hannover

T: +49 (0) 511 642 142 50

Products by Studio Dreimann

studio dreimann creates and designs consumer goods, industrial goods and furniture.
Jonas Ette, Simon Kux, Tim Prigge first met while studying product design at the University of Applied Sciences of Hanover. During this time they worked as interns for

companies like Artefakt (Darmstadt), Ding3000 (Hannover), and Move Integrated Design (Copenhagen). With an BA degree in Design and trained for mass production and product optimization, they founded their own design studio in Hannover (Germany) in late sp

ring 2010.

The design of studio dreimann is not determined by a formal style, much more studio dreimann complements familiar forms with new functions and new functions with familiar forms. This leads to products created with additional and emotiona

l value.