Studio Parade

L. van Veghelstraat 25
5212 AD ’s-Hertogenbosch

T: + 73 6123707

Products by Studio Parade

Eric Sloot and Paulien Berendsen, both graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, started their designstudio in 1991 by the name of Studio Parade.

Studio Parade, established in 's Hertogenbosch, is a multi disciplinary designstudio and i

s operating in the way of product design and environmental design.
The working area of Studio Parade extends from interiors and furniture to exhibitions, products for public areas, grafic and free projects.

Since 4 years now, this designe

rs-pair has also put their own furniture collection on the market, named Lente. The most important characteristics which Lente aims for are its own identity and renewal. Of course subjected to functionality, reproducabilaty and quality, which together lea

ds to a strong base. This results into a collection which is not only able to stand on its own but also can be combined with other collections. Because of this the accessibility of the collection is strengthened for using it as well as in private as in pu

blic places.
Lente furniture is characterized by "streamlined silhouettes" pure created out of the will to design, on one side. On the other side by " leaving out", reasons for esthetic, but also from the viewpoint of reproducabil

Lente stands for a not conventional and passionate study for the furniture and the search to an own identity.

Other realized projects from Studio Parade are f.e.: Streetfurniture 's Hertogenbosch, interior TBS clinique Wanssum, inte

rior staff-restaurant Hospital Arnhem, interior furniture private individuals ('s Hertogenbosch), collection garden furniture for Valeur, exhibition SMS 's Hertogenbosch