Studio Vertijet

Harz 5a
06108 Halle

T: +49 345 290 58 44
F: +49 345 681 65 46

Products by Studio Vertijet

Since 1998 interior designer Kirsten Antje Hoppert and product designer Steffen Kroll have worked together under the label Studio Vertijet. Both studied from 1992-1998 at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. Through their common ideals and their enthusiasm

for "beauty with a high-functional value” they teamed up to create this constellation. "If our products help to make people more sensitive, we will have achieved one of our ideals . . .

” they explain. From this convictio

n, and an emotionally characterised passion, they develop their ideas. Here "dreaming” and "fantastic thoughts about life” form an important constituent of the subsequent product development process - which they prefer to describe as

"planned intuition”.