Susanne Grønlund


Products by Susanne Grønlund

With her elegant, easy-to-grasp design style, Susanne Grønlund works in the tradition of classic Scandinavian design. Her works build on the tradition's simplicity - while adding a highly contemporary humorous touch. Grønlund is widely re

cognised for her subtle sense for shapes and materials, which is reflected in her many exquisite designs.
Grønlund's works always challenge the materials she uses, often pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible. Her marvellous Sh

ape chair is a good example. The chair manages to use the special properties of wood to create an extraordinary geometric design that conveys a sense of strength, lightness, flexibility and seating comfort - all at the same time.
Susanne Grøn

lund is best described as a practical designer who views design as an aesthetically pleasing craft. When she starts on a new project, she will often draw directly onto the materials, and create physical models in her studio - developing these into unique

new design. For Grønlund, it is crucial that a design is justified on more than purely aesthetic grounds. It also has to live up to a function. And she is never satisfied until a design and the function it serves have melded to form a unique whole