Titta Paoloni

Tiita Paoloni Aechitetto

Via Ippolito Nievo, 14
33017 Tarcento (Udine)

T: +39 0432 784 018

Products by Titta Paoloni

Titta Paolini was born in Tarcento (Udine) in 1954.

He graduated from the Architectural University Institute in Venice in 1979.
He has collaborated with companies in the prefabrication field, designing and overseeing the realization of industrial and civil construction projects (managerial, residential and educational).
He has been decoration (lay-out) consultant for national and local office furniture manufacturers.

Various realizations of public and private projects:
- residential construction, new buildings, renovations, restorations;
- construction in the health field, dental offices, health assistance residence, day-hospital clinics;
- sport facilities, gyms.

Particular attention dedicated to the study of the functionalities of living in internal spaces, with regard to the psychological relationships and interactions of man with the environment, building on themes and intuitions that were already present in the pregraduation studies.

For a few years now, Paolini has been dedicated to design (chairs, tables, lamps), realizing objects for FRAG, Ronald Smith, Tische-Germany, All Kit Softline, Pietro Costantini.

1992 winner of Promosedia top ten prize (Maiorca - Frag)
2000 winner of Promosedia top ten prize (Panarea/s - Frag)
2007 winner of Catas prize (Charm - Pietro Costantini)

Particular care and attention is dedicated to the use of leather, a material to treat naturally, given the fascination that surrounds it, before it becomes an element of construction and after many years of sitting enjoyment.

"Technology and materials are parts of ideas. I still think that it is natural to reconcile design with industrial technique, without however turning technicalities into a pedagogical program, a sort of talisman to resolve the difficulties of the design choices"