Valerio Cometti

V12 Design

Piazzale Antonio Cantore
20123 Mailand

T: +39 02 8324 0544

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V12 Design is the Milanese design studio founded by Valerio Cometti at the end of 2004 and directly managed by him. Born in 1975, Valerio Cometti is a mechanical engineer who has lived and worked in Australia, where V12 Design has an associated studio. The desire to force design and engineering o cohabitate in a single creative process has meant that Cometti and his team very quickly met with some very important names in the Italian and international design scene. V12 Design managed the relaunch of the historic Brionvega brand, designing the Alpha television, the return of the Seleco brand and is currently working with Cimbali, to name just a few of the numerous other leading companies they collaborate with.