Viable London

22-24 Highbury Grove
UnitAH 301 London
United Kingdom

T: (+44) (0) 2031760071


Just a few months after meeting in Milan in 2005, Magnus Long, Charles Trevelyan and Gala Wight came together to form the dynamic design studio, Viable London. Since then, Viable London has rapidly gained a reputation within the industry for its diversity

, ingenuity and creativity.

In 2006 the studio was invited to exhibit at the London Design Museum at an event curated by Libby Sellers. Seven designs were showcased including the key designs Mekong, Standing Hanger, and Shelflife. In 2007 Viable

London won the prestigious Elle Deco award for Best New Accessory, the OTT Hooks.

Working with Decode London, the studio adds Shelflife Desk, Wire Lamps, Wrap Strap and Roto lamp to the 2008 collection.