Werner Max Moser


Born in Karlsruhe, swiss Werner Max Moser studied architecture under his father at the ETH, Zurich and the Technical University, Stuttgart. He worked in Holland and in the USA for three years, including time with Frank Lloyd Wright. Moser was joint fou

nder of the international Congress for new Building (CIAM) and from 1928 -1932 he worked on the creation of the «Zürcher Werkbundsiedlung Neubühl».
In 1934 he joined an office association with M.E. Häfeli an R. Steiger. Th

ey built many important buildings in Zurich and the rest of Switzerland, one example is the Cantonal Hospital in Zurich. In 1957 he was made honorary doctor by the Technical University Stuttgart. From 1958 -1963 he was lecturer at the ETH, Zurich. He died

in Zurich in 1970.