Rock Standing Lamp

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Product description

Like a volcanic rock that when it breaks apart reveals a jewel within, Rock is an interplay of surprises and contrasts. Mysterious and severe outside, diamond-bright and iridescent inside. Outside, the dark version is rough with a scattering of golden motes, whilst inside, it shimmers, smooth and mother of pearl-covered. The white version assumes a new personality to fi t in with each different use, a precious stone that highlights in particular its asymmetric facets, evolved according to a casual logic. They reflect the light's rays in the internal surface as in a crystal, producing a surprising and unforgettable effect. This is an object that does not go unnoticed from any point of view.
The hanging version focuses its light on the space below, while the new fl oor version, of surprising proportions, can focus its light band to function as a reading lamp as well as sending light upwards. Rock is a striking component of public or domestic furnishing. Its light focuses on the space below, highlighting it. Whether alone or in a group, it is always a protagonist, but its presence is never invasive or excessive.


1x23W E27, 1x23W E26 medium

Emission classA+ - A
Light regulationone light level
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapehalf spherical
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Width620 mm
Height1820 mm
Depth480 mm
Diameter500 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classesF
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
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