Here Comes The Rain

Here Comes The Rain
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A French invention, panoramic wallpaper has gone through several waves of crazes, most often related to the health of the wallpaper industry. Its very first appearance goes back to the end of the 18th century, its expansion to the Restoration and its last

breaths in the 1970/1980s. Considered to be old-hat at the end ofthe 1980s by an exaggeration of its initial interest, to open a artificial window to a realistic or fantasyexterior, the style disappeared with the photographic models caricaturing the natu

res of the «Four Seasons» (snow-capped summits, flamboyant sunsets, etc.) Scenic Wallpapers propose rehabilitating and reintroducing monumental decors with panoramic wallpaper by making a clean sweep of the photographic tracks explored in the past and by

proposing about 10 artists, designers or graphic artists to create contemporary decors which today can justify rehabilitating this type of decor. Imagined and designed by +41, Coco Tassel, Dylan Martorell, Elisabeth Arkhipoff, Geneviève Gauckler, Ich & K

ar, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Klaus Haapaniemi, Kustaa Saksi, Mark Verhaagen, matali crasset, Pandarosa, Pierre Marie, Rolito, Ryan Cox, Studio Job, Tado, Timorous beasties the decors in this initial collection economise on large openings to landscapes

that are sometimes dreamlike,or introspective, urban or pastoral, nostalgic or prospective and, most of the time, on a nature or a world dreamed of and inhabited by fantasy creatures. Printed on high-quality intissé paper, each decor is 4 metres wide by

3 metres high and comes in the form of eight strips to be assembled. All the decors can be cut downwards and across to adapt to all sizes of walls.

Fleeting captures from a lost Symbolist unfold on 'parcels of nothingness'. Parisian illustrator Fl

orence Manlik still balances between art and illustration, but her supple and untemporal hand-drawn work has found its way to a broad range of products, which include book and record sleeves, clothing patterns, shop windows, packaging, wallpaper, advertis

ing. About volutes: 'I look for the best imbalance. In the end it is all quite serious, it only looks like fantasy. Or the contrary'.

Width3720 mm
Height3000 mm
shades of green
shades of brown
shades of blue
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Domestic, France

Florence Manlik

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