MSTS 5000 Vario

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Product description

Spatial efficiency - compact living units offering a high utilisation level

The trend towards single households has also initiated a trend towards multi-functional rooms. Hence there is increasing demand for compact living units offering all "mod c

ons" within just a small space. Variable solutions such as the floor-guided MSTS 5000 Vario sliding door and partitioning system with a range of model options serve this requirement. With it, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or home office can

be effectively combined and then divided again as and when the need arises. As a result, those spaces can be put to a variety of uses. No need for any structural changes: irrespective of ceiling heights or slopes, single or multi-panelled door sets can b

e installed without problem. Systems that operate around corners are also possible. Store rooms, filing rooms and wardrobes are closed off with effortless ease. Timber surfaces, finishes of different colours and shades and even opaque and patterned glass

are all available and can be mixed and matched at will for that much vaunted individual effect - flexibility in function and appearance with elegant, multi-faceted visuals.

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Surfacematte finish

dormakaba , Germany

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