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With its superb functional reliability, Variplan lets the benefits unfold
Today, effective room partitioning can be achieved with consummate ease thanks to the DORMA Hüppe Variplan folding wall. Rooms can be adapted to their specific requirements in ju

st a few movements. Yet this divider offers all the advantages of a fully fledged fixed wall. Its double-skin construction guarantees good sound and heat insulating properties, and even sophisticated concepts for the variable utilisation of living and wor

king spaces can be ideally accommodated with such systems. Variplan folding walls can be used in childrens nurseries, churches, homes for the aged, private dwellings and any number of further applications.

DORMA Hüppe Variplan comes with a wide ran

ge of attractive surface finishes including fine wood veneers and polymer laminates, while still offering an excellent price/performance ratio.

System benefits:
* High stability with flush flat surface thanks to composite panel construction

Good sound and heat insulation
* Flexible bottom seal protects against draughts
* Easy operation thanks to lever and spring mechanism
* Quiet action with plastic-tyred track rollers mounted in ball bearings
* No floor guide necessary
* Spa

ce-saving stowage with interlinked panels folding together in a compact stack
* Ideal retrofit solution


dormakaba , Germany

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