Presented: imm cologne 2015, Cologne
Stylepark-ID: 01.7583.00009
Categories: Interior accessoriesOther accessories
Product description

The key rack with a repository is based on the measurements of the DIN A4 (German Institut for Standardization): DING - A4. It conduces the storage of little things which have to be kept handy. With its steel sheet body of only 0.75 mm thickness, DING - A4 is extremely light and, in accordance to its construction, can be conveyed unfolded. The purchaser receives his key rack in a planar state and, with a few simple foldings, models it into usage shape. Therefore no tools are necessary. This dealing not only factors the costumer into the manufacturing process, but also saves packaging and delivery costs. This turns DING - A4 into a integrating object in many ways.

Length 210 mm
Width 297 mm
Material steel
Colors shades of yellow

dua, Germany

Erik Sandoval Pickert