Burner One

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Product description

The EcoSmart™ Alcohol burner is the core product of the EcoSmart™ Fire. It offers ultimate design flexibility as its modular design allows a variety of fascias and for the burner to be put into position easily. The Ecosmart™ Burner fuelled by Denatured Et

hanol, an energy efficient, renewable biofuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the Ecosmart™ Burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze. The EcoSmart™ Burner can be installed by your builder into any setti

ng that complies with our Compulsory Specifications. Burner One has a 5 Litre capacity.

Width290 mm
Height112 mm
Depth290 mm
Materialstainless steel

Ecosmart Fire, Belgium

Paul Cohen

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