XL 900

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Product description

Sophistication, elegance, cutting-edge performance and functionality define the new XL 900 Burner, which has been developed in response to overwhelming demand. A popular trend amongst designers and architects has been to join several EcoSmart™ Fire burner

s in line to form an elongated flame, creating a stunning centrepiece for use in both residential and commercial premises. The XL 900 Burner includes baffles (for fuel efficiency), drafters (for flame stability), smart filling point, and a new design shut

-off mechanism (hinged plate adjustment rather than sliding mechanism). As with all EcoSmart™ Fire products, safety aspects have been thoroughly considered and implemented.

Width908 mm
Height119 mm
Depth193 mm
Materialstainless steel

Ecosmart Fire, Belgium

Marc Philipp Veenendaal