Curved stairs

Product description

Along a coastal main street in southern Honolulu, Hawaii, a large shopping plaza is remodeling its three, street level entryways that access its underground shops. As specified in the original design, all balustrades along the openings and staircases are curved due to the flare characteristics of each staircase.

As illustrated in the renderings attached, the balustrade system designed for this project is 2 lites of 10mm glass that are tempered and laminated using a structural interlayer. In regards to fastening, stainless steel fasteners will connect the glass to the structure of the opening and the stringers of the staircases. A face mounted stainless steel handrail will run along both the staircases and the openings for comfortable handling.

As the project proceeds underway, EeStairs is looking forward to delivering a magnificent balustrade system that exceeds the ordinary.

EeStairs, Netherlands