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Product description

groovEe™ is engineered to enhance the supply and fit of glass balustrades to pre cast concrete balconies in every way. A channel for glass mounting is integrated into the concrete, guaranteeing aesthetic purity and ease of installation when compared with traditional systems. groovEe™ is a two-part system comprising of:
1. Bespoke Formwork for accurate casting of glass track in concrete balcony production stage.
2. Toughened glass balustrade.

The groovEe™ balustrade is modelled using CAD by EeStairs’ Design Engineers in accordance with project specific requirements. On completion of the design process the glass track formwork is manufactured in-house using CNC technology before being shipped to the concrete casting facility for integration into your formwork. Once cast the balcony will include an integral glass track optimized for glass infill and the associated adhesive and sealant. Following your installation of the concrete balcony EeStairs operatives will expertly install the glass balustrade and seal the glass track.


EeStairs, Netherlands