Satin black staircase

Categories: Interior constructionIndoor stairsStaircases with landing
Product description

Striking a beautiful balance between clean crisp design and an appreciation for function, this domestic staircase represents the best of both worlds. Working together with the architect, EeStairs delivered a staircase with an emphasis on balance and proportion. This is exemplified by the slim stringers, particularly notable at rest landing level where an unusually slim structural section keeps the staircase light and airy. The exposed profile of the stair expressed by the saw tooth stringer sits comfortably alongside glass infill framed by steel balusters and handrail.

Lending the staircase a functional aesthetic is an oiled satin polish finish. In contrast to paint which would give the stair a flat uniform finish, an oiled finish has been specified which colours the steel but does not hide it's surface. As such the raw finish of the mild steel remains visible through the finish, a little like the grain on a piece of oak retaining it's identity after staining. In the case of a steel stair we can enjoy mill marks, welds and grinding witness; all visible through the oiled finish. The staircase wears it's industrial gestation process on its satin black sleeve to great effect.

EeStairs, Netherlands