Spiral floating staircase

Product description

A glass façade on the rear of the building provides beautiful views of the properties surroundings, whilst picking up reflections from the river, trees and fields, creating a harmonious relationship between the two spaces. A similarly modern approach to staircase design has also been used to bring two areas of the property together. The end result is a spectacular spiral staircase without a central column that hints at the colonial heritage of the surrounding area, whilst pushing the boundaries of modern design.

Jan Bruining, Architect, hamhuis architecten bna, explains, “Creating a spiral staircase without a central column is no easy undertaking and required a specialist to ensure that finish matched the same high standard as the rest of the property. EeStairs has a reputation for thinking in terms of solutions and endeavoring to make the seemingly impossible a reality. With their help it was possible to fix and support the treads along the outside wall of the staircase creating a unique combination of a floating and spiral staircase.”

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EeStairs, Netherlands