TRE 518

Categories: Interior constructionIndoor stairsStaircases with landing
Product description

Are you contemplating installing a unique staircase? Or perhaps you already have a design in mind, but you want some help to refine it further? Then EeStairs would like to work with you. We can do almost anything with designs, material and ways of using them. And that means we can produce your dream staircase, tailor-made to your specific wishes: Custom Design. An unusual staircase is enticing wherever it is: in your home, retail outlet or office, and whatever its design: playful, business-like or modern. EeStairs puts a lot of work into your staircase and uses visualisations at an early stage in the proceedings to show you what is possible. While naturally taking account of what is practically feasible, we like to leave plenty of room for creativity and innovation. That's how we can be sure of ending up with a staircase that evokes fascination and admiration.

EeStairs, Netherlands

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