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Product description

The Le Chateau in the CORE shopping centre in Calgary has recently re-located. Their new two-story shop not only required updates in fixtures and display tables, but also a feature staircase with a 23-foot rise.

The engineers on this project had proposed a stair that was not according to the architect’s original vision. In pursuit of design assistance, EeStairs was contacted and requested to simplify the overall profile of the stair. From a bulky metal stair with channel stringers and concrete-filled stainless tread pans, EeStairs transformed their design into a sleek “saw-tooth” plate stringer with glass treads and tempered glass railings. Full renderings were provided for design approval.

This new design was greatly accepted and approval was promptly given to proceed with manufacturing. Keeping on track with the project schedule was critical, and EeStairs was only given (4) weeks to fabricate this stair. The management team at Le Chateau was focused on having their new store open before the Christmas season arrived. The complexity of this staircase made this very challenging, but with proper coordination and determination to overcome this challenge, our team was able to meet this deadline! EeStairs completed the stair installation on a Friday, and the store opened the following Tuesday.

Contractor, Stewart Craig with Craig Construction, was very pleased with the outcome of the project and said, “The guys at EeStairs were a pleasure to work with, and the finished staircase looks beautiful. They were able to simplify the design and provide the staircase with glass treads within the same budget range as the original design.”

EeStairs, Netherlands