TWE 605

Categories: Interior constructionIndoor stairsSpiral staircases
Product description

As a result of its extensive expertise, EeStairs was selected by Orens-Van Grimbergen Architects to manufacture and install an eye-catching helical staircase for a recent project. The graceful curves of the black steel balustrades and concrete treads add contrasting form and shape to a space dominated to by contemporary styling and clean lines.

The original design specified a poured concrete staircase, but weight restrictions meant that this was not possible, so EeStairs began looking for an alternative. Steel Balustrades and Ultra High Performance Concrete treads allowed EeStairs to create an equally impressive staircase using a fraction of the weight. This project reflects EeStairs’ commitment to providing carefully conceived solutions, underpinned by outstanding design.

Colorsshades of brown

EeStairs, Netherlands