TWE 654

Categories: Interior constructionIndoor stairsSpiral staircases
Product description

The sweeping curved design of this staircase provides a journey on which users rotate more that 360° and can take in every aspect of the space around them. The helical staircase is a perfect combination of two contrasting worlds. The outside of the staircase boasts a bold white finish, giving an incredibly sleek appearance that emphasises the curved shape of the staircase. In sharp contrast the inside of the staircase has timber finished treads and inner balustrade, which makes it look as though the inner section of the staircase had been laid down in the white outer structure. Pairing these distinctly different surfaces has resulted in an attention-grabbing staircase that fits perfectly in the building and is effective in softening the feel of a modern interior. The staircase provides sweeping curves, a sense of natural warmth and texture from the combination of finishes and a stimulating journey for everyone that uses it.

The faultless finish of the staircase has been designed to withstand the regular use of an office setting and therefore the underside of the staircase is finished in EeStairs innovative EeSoffit®. EeSoffit® creates a perfect finish that will not diminish over time; it also means that for anyone standing beneath the staircase provides a spectacular and artistic focal point.

Colorsshades of brown

EeStairs, Netherlands