Re-trouvé 569

  • Re-trouvé 569
  • Re-trouvé 569
  • Re-trouvé 569
  • Re-trouvé 569
  • Re-trouvé 569
  • Re-trouvé 569
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Product description

"RE-TROUVÉ", born from a collaboration between Emu and designer Patricia Urquiola, is a metal furniture collection which evokes past forms, created with the use of superior technology. In the words of Urquiola, her meeting with Emu, its h

istory and its industrial production situation all sparked an instant flame: "Inspiration came from the marvelous iron chairs of the '50's, so full of curls and doodles. I wanted to create new models which would bring together a re-interpretation of

this old-fashioned design with a more humorous twist, produced with numerical control technology". From this idea, the RE-TROUVÉ collection was born: the iron curls enrich and adorn these crafted chairs which are now back in style; by re-disc

overing these one-of-a-kind pieces, perhaps long-forgotten in an upstairs attic, Patricia Urquiola conjures up this classic design, re-interpreting it with acute humor. The superior technology of Emu in metal-working allows for the creation of furniture c

haracterized by complex patterns of recurrent diamond motifs. Industrial production limits costs and assures high product quantity, while maintaining the handcrafted quality of the furniture. The geometric design gives three-dimensionality to the pieces,

whose curved forms outline the furniture with a sweet and sensual feel, characterized by an elegance brought from the past. The retrieval of past memories and its re-working in a modern style brings together, in ideal continuity, Proust's "Time Rega

ined," in an imaginary journey back in time which allows us to take a new look at contemporary reality.

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Emu, Italy

Patricia Urquiola