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Product description

The inspiration for Geotech comes from Madeira, an island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa named after its dense forest covering (madeira means wood in Portuguese, the language of the first colonizers). Madeira belongs to an archipelago of

volcanic origin, and one of its features is a special stone that has the appearance of fossil wood – Madeira stone, the source of inspiration for Geotech.
This collection of fine porcelain stoneware tiles was created by putting together the typica

l patterns of natural stone with new, original combinations of colour. With six available colours and three surface designs, Geotech tiles can meet all the requirements of modern architecture.The "Canneté" version is particularly innovative, with para

llel engraved lines running over the entire surface of the tile, re-interpreting the typical mouldings made on wooden planks for exteriors. This eminently non-slip surface is the ideal solution for gardens, poolsides, terraces and verandas.

The Geot

ech colour schemes are divided in two families: neutral tones directly inspired by the natural shades of Madeira stone, and pure colours developed by the Style Division and Florim laboratories.

Among the formats, there are new large slabs of si

ze 80x80 and 80x180: obtained thanks to recent investments in technology made by Florim.
The Geotech collection has a vast potential for many diverse applications, including ventilated façades and raised floors.

Length600 mm / 800 mm / 1200 mm / 1800 mm
Width130 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 265 mm / 300 mm / 400 mm / 600 mm / 800 mm
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Floor Gres, Italy