Walks/1.0 - Black

Product description

Thanks to its sophisticated technological resources, Floor Gres has revisited the aesthetic beauty of quartzite using porcelain stoneware, creating a material that constitutes a superb synthesis of nature and artifice and that combines the value of resear

ch with the quality of raw materials. The natural appearance of the surface and the material consistency of the quarry split stone effect, combined with the intricacy of the graphics, colours and structures, allow Walks/1.0 to be used in a range of differ

ent surroundings to the greatest aesthetic effect: Walks/1.0 is technology and nature, combined in a truly cogent manner.

Aesthetic precision, rigour and formal austerity form the underpinning of the chromatic identity of the series, enhancing its unco

nventional simplicity.

Available in two finishes: soft and natural, these tiles are ideal for the interpretation of interior and exterior architectural spaces that interact with the surrounding landscape

The stellar physical-mechanical prope

rties of Walks/1.0 through-body porcelain tiles make them perfect for flooring, wall cladding, and building façades. In the design of swimming pools and wellness facilities, the pronounced nonslip properties of the surface makes this product perfect for s

wimming pool borders, including outdoor pools (especially in the lighter colours because of their lower heat absorption properties).

Sizes (cm) : 40x80, 40x40, 20x40, 60x60, 30x60 in the dual matte and textured finishes; textured 21x40 offset borde

r tile (mounted on mesh), 3x3 textured mosaic (on 30x30 mesh)

Surfaces: matte and textured

Length400 mm / 600 mm / 800 mm
Width200 mm / 400 mm / 600 mm
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Floor Gres, Italy