Bulletin Board 2162

Stylepark-ID: 10.5170.00008
Categories: Floors Resilient floorsLinoleum
Product description

Bulletin Board linoleum surfacing material has a multitude of applications. Its properties make it ideally suited for use as a notice board; it also provides a functional finish to walls, furniture, door panels and cupboards. The application of Bulleti

n Board in rooms shared by many people facilitates simple, efficient communication.
Bulletin Board's exciting range of rich colours and intensities provide the product with a whole new look. The colours in the collection are eminently suitable for

combining with other materials such as wood, stone or aluminium, creating a functional and decorative finished product.

Weight 540 g/m²
Width of textile reel approx. 1220 m / 1830 m
Length of textile reel approx. 28000 m
Material linoleum
Colors shades of grey
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Forbo, Germany