Walton Crocodiles

Categories: Floors Resilient floorsLinoleum
Product description

‚Crocodiles’ is a pure Walton Uni that is embossed to create a random, but harmonious crocodile skin surface. The exclusive design adds a touch of class to its environment. To be used as wall to wall floor covering, but also often applied as accentuated a

rea within a larger space. Wall applications or furniture surfaces, also often covered with Walton crocodiles give the environment a graceful touch. There are four classic colours in the collection.

Walton Crocodiles is suited for heavy commercial

use and is classified EN 687 as well as EN 14041. Walton Crocodiles is accredited with the Nature-plus-Label as well as the Blauen Engel Certification.

Total weight290 g/m²
Height2.5 mm
Width of textile reel approx.2000 cm
Length of textile reel approx.32000 m
Colorsshades of beige
shades of brown
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Forbo, Germany