Tropez Sofa Modular

Product description

Stefan Diez “Tropez considers the world of outdoor furniture in a light-hearted and unpretentious way; much like a lacewing bird would land in a garden with ease. A line very much defined by its casual aspects and flexibility, inspired by the world of spo

rts from the 20’s and 30’s - using a language we know from elegant sailing boats and handcrafted tennis rackets. Tropez is bringing the comfort of interior furniture to the outdoors. Its platform construction based on an extruded aluminium profile allows

various elements to be interchanged, offering a great level of flexibility. This “légère” character can draw a special identity on architectural and non-architectural landscapes.” This collection won the 2013 Wallpaper * Design Awards. Made of thermo-lac

quered aluminium profiles and porcelain plate. Available colors: white, sand and black. Removable fabric cover: wide variety of colors. This extensive collection comprises several pieces, including a bed, chaise lounge, armchair, sofa and modular sofas, p

oufs, high and low tables, a stool and benches.

Length910 mm
Width900 mm
Height770 mm
shades of beige
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Gandia Blasco, Spain

Stefan Diez