Sweet 65

Sweet 65
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The whole poetic universe of Paola Navone is revealed in the new Gervasoni collection. The spirit of eclecticism, the pleasure of intermingling, the instinct to let loose one's imagination without limit of space and time.

The various areas represen

ted by the Gervasoni stand open onto one another, creating a uniquely fluid and permeable space: living-room area, an eating area and a sleeping area in which the new pieces designed by Paola Navone blend into a spontaneous game of cross-reference and sug


Each piece - articles of furniture, sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and mirrors - tells its own story in its own language. Their blending stimulates the beauty of counterpoint, of life itself superimposed over things. The new and rich co

llection is known as the Sweet collection. Included in the collection are articles inspired by different "worlds", by artisan knowledge going back to ancient tradition and accommodated by the modern and instinctively curious eye of Paola Navone.

tional and modern materials - wood, marble, pressed bamboo, rattan, but also rubber and cement - are brought together with a sensitive and masterly touch and coloured in white, blue, grey to create a refined harmony of contrasts.

The collection's

furniture-for-containment series recalls something of the charm and freshness of some articles of furniture from the Fifties. It comes in five different models with different dimensions and heights, from the low-lying two-drawer item - from 47 cm in heig

ht and 250 cm in length - to the model with drawers and door which is 70 cm in height. Up to the highest version of 180 cm by 140 cm in height. The rational rigour of the design is tempered by the sophisticated play of fullness and emptiness created by th

e drawers and the door - in walnut canaletto wood or pressed bamboo lacquered white or blue - leaving available open spaces. The image of these articles of furniture is delightfully pictorial. The doors and drawers are without handles and equipped with a

press-open mechanism.

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Gervasoni, Italy

Paola Navone