Creative WEAVE Alu 6010 facade

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Product description

Only a few years ago were metallic fabrics discovered as both decorative and functional design element in architecture and design.

The experience we obtained through decades in the manufacture of technical meshes for separation & filtration as well

as for the process belt technology is the basis of our innovative power and the quality of our products. The extraordinary aesthetics of the metal meshes gave the first impulse for their use in architecture and design. During the years, it became more an

d more obvious that not only the visual effects but also the functional and technical advantages of the mesh convince architects and planners. Meanwhile, we offer a wide range of mesh types specifically developed for various applications in architecture a

nd design. The design families are adjusted to their specific demands.

All pictures: European Court of Justice, Louxemburg
Architect: Dominique Perrau

lt, Paris

Length2000 m
Width1300 m
Colorsgold / brass

GKD, Germany

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