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Product description

CREATIVKLINKER – This term refers to the extensive range of special formed bricks available from Hagemeister. The term is meant to emphasise that creative architectural designs can be expressed very effectively with CREATIVKLINKER products. The collect

ion available represents a series that is continually supplemented and expanded. Every additional variant increases the value of this collection, which not only offers a multitude of applications but also serves as an ever increasing source of inspirat

ion for new creations. Be sure to benefit from Hagemeister's extensive experience with regard to all questions relating to the application of brick products. Hagemeister's specialist team is happy to help, in particular when it comes to realising you

r own designs in fired clay. Are you looking for a well-designed solution to a specific architectural task? Let's get together and talk. Our advisory service is there to assist you and will cooperate with you to develop a suitable solution which may i

nvolve custom production.

Colorsshades of red
shades of brown

Hagemeister, Germany

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