Tiles "Gent FU", Kindergarden, Berlin

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The architectonic concept relies on the base of the educational concept of the Kindergarden "Apfelbäumchen". By considering the Spacial conditions of the small hill and the trees the linear one floor building was set orthogonal to the Neptun Street along

the east border of the plot. The linear building is central opened over a row of secondary rooms. The Entry is followed by a Foyer and a multipurpose room which opens to the garden. The Kindergarden and the creche work like apartements and each have a en

try from the foyer. This strongens the indiiduality of the two functions. The arrangement of the homerooms and the multy purpose room underlines the linearity of the building. The direct connection to the garden is one of the main focus.The multy purpose

room in the center functions as a pedagocical connection of the Kindergarden. The kindergarden and the creche have both a terrace at the end of the building which opens to the garden and helps to connect the rooms to the outside. The fassade is made in b

rick, and the terrasses are made of wood. Natural materials are characterizing the appearance.

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Colorsshades of brown
shades of beige

Hagemeister, Germany

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